Our mission is to reconnect homeless individuals with their families and friends so that they can begin to rebuild estranged relationships, regain their ties to their communities, restore their dignity, and successfully reintegrate into society!

Our Mission

It is no secret that homelessness in the United Kingdom has reached a critical level. On any given night, over 4,000 individuals are sleeping rough – in alleys, in culverts, under bridges, in parks, on pavements, in shop doorways, in vacant buildings. Passersby ignore them or hand them small change. Shelters do not have the capacity to care for them. The wind may blow, and the hail may pound the pavements, but they are still there, huddled under meagre blankets or in sleeping bags.

While there has been much debate about the best sustainable solution for UK’s pervasive homelessness, I decided to take positive action and formed Homeless Reunite, an organisation dedicated to reuniting homeless individuals with their families.

In many cases, the homeless have essentially lost touch with their families and friends. Our mission is to give them an opportunity to publicly tell their stories, and by doing so, we may be able to help them re-connect with their loved ones and begin rebuilding the damaged relationships that have led them to be estranged. Every homeless person is somebody's daughter, son, father, mother, brother, sister – and in some cases grandmother or grandfather. And while these family ties may have been seriously compromised – often by issues that simply spiralled out of control – they are not irreparable.

We are currently raising funds to help pay for a one-year van tour through the entire United Kingdom during which we will invite homeless individuals to tell their stories. We will also interview families who are trying to find their homeless loved ones. Each day, these video-recorded stories will be featured on our website and our dedicated YouTube channel with the hope that someone, somewhere will recognise a face or a story and reach out. At the same time, we will use a wide range of investigative methods to actively search for families of those we interview.

During our tour, we will serve soup and a beverage from our tour van so that everybody we encounter will be able to have a warm meal. We will also partner with nonprofit organisations and social agencies to share information and resources and will widely promote our itinerary through the media. We believe that it’s never too late for loved ones to be reunited, and we are resolved to leave no stone unturned in this effort


We envision that our plan to publicise individual stories of homelessness in the United Kingdom will stimulate a groundswell of public interest and that families desperate to locate their loved ones will be inspired to reach out. We also envision that we will bring renewed humanity into the equation; that those who champion our cause will be able to share the joy of playing an important role in helping homeless individuals reunite with their families; and that the support systems we establish will empower the homeless population to once again find ways to become self-sufficient and reintegrated into society.


Thank you for your kindness